View Files Beginning with a ‘.’ in Eclipse

I recently rebuilt my eclipse installation on Eclipse Helios and had set up a new workspace. In the process, I lost one of my long-time PHP Development Tools (PDT) settings where I can view files that begin with a . in the PHP development perspective file browser.

It took me a while to find the setting again. So, I thought I’d blog about it in case any others out there are having trouble finding this.

In the PHP Explorer View, click on the inverted triangle the upper-right hand corner of the pane to reveal the view’s contextual menu.

The .* resources item may be in the menu. If it is, click on it to remove the filter. If it isn’t then select the ‘Filters…’ option.

Uncheck the .* filter in the Filters… dialog window.

Now you should be able to browse and edit .htaccess files in the PDT perspective.

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