iPhone and iCal ToDo Sync with Appigo

Today I finally have ToDo syncing between iCal and my iPhone. It’s a feature that I’ve had on my cellular phones since, oh… about 2003. It is something I lost when I switched to an iPhone, and is one of the features that I can’t believe Apple decided not to tackle.

Thanks to appigo’s sync software, and their ToDo iPhone app, I can now manage my tasks from my desktop and my iPhone. The downside is that I had to pay $9.99 to get the iPhone app and this feature.

Well done to appigo for picking up where Apple left off. Now I can get back to efficiently adding items to my ToDo list from where every I am, and very inefficiently checking them off.

3 responses to “iPhone and iCal ToDo Sync with Appigo

  1. I had no problems with appigo sync but now have run into it not working (since i set up a mail account on my mac) The tasks on there match the tasks on my ical, but after having sync problems I deleted the account in the mail and thought that may have solved it- but nope. I tried reinstalling appigo on the iphone, and reverifying the phone, but that didn’t work either. Any thoughts on what is the problem?

  2. yippy- so for whatever reason, my venturing into the mail program on the mac jacked up the sync process with ical and todo and my iphone via appigo sync. I just reopened the mail program, created a bogus account for mail and bypassed not having a connection. Once I was able to view the tasks again, I just went to the “mailbox” tab at the top of the mail program and hit “synchronize”. Walla- it synced back and forth now all the way to the iphone. I can change tasks on ical, or in mail and it syncs in my machinne, and then it syncs back and forth with the phone. After closing out the mail program- it still did it all! Problem solved, anger diverted.

  3. hi,

    I’ve just started a petition to see how many of us are really are “slightly frustrated” about this omission.


    feel free to spread the word (or the link). I’m naive enough to think that if there’s enough of us that signs it, maybe Apple will do something about the problem.

    The ball is in your court,
    All the very best

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