Find the HDTV Antenna that’s right for you

I read an article this morning talking about how HDTV picture quality is better over-the-air (OTA) than it is through cable or satellite TV. This is generally because it’s not compressed as much.

I’ve had OTA HDTV for about 5 years and absolutely love it. The downside of OTA signals is that they can break up in bad weather, or if the signal requires a semi-directional antenna to pick it up. This can be doubly frustrating when paired with a TiVO or DVR device. If you have an indoor antenna that’s pointing the wrong way and is recording something, your playback is going to suck.

AntennaWeb is a web site helps take some of the uncertainty away. Enter in your address and it will output information about the channels available in your area, the type of antenna best suited to receive those channels, the distance from your house, the compass bearing, and the HZ frequency assignment!

This site has already convinced me that I should get a new multi-directional antenna, as opposed to the semi-directional one I have now. No more recording of muddled digital garbage when the antenna is pointing away from the signal tower.

As an aside to this, I find this to be a REALLY clever sales conversion opportunity. If I were a big-box electronics retailer with an antenna inventory, I would add a widget to my site with this same capability. If I’m Amazon, and I know my customer’s address and that they have a history of purchasing HDTV related items, then I would build this feature into my web site. It creates the demand to influence a sale

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