URLs as Sentences

I was reading Chris Shiflett’s blog today and found out that Omniti.com just updated their web site, and instituted a really clever approach to URL mappings. Instead of using them to mirror the hierarchical file structure of their applications, they’ve constructed simple, grammatically correct sentences like http://omniti.com/is/hiring.

Given the fact that most enterprise-level web sites are re-writing URL requests and delivering the information to an application on the back-end, there’s little need to reflect any type of file structure in URL addressing any more. It would be interesting to see if this were implemented on a wider basis, whether it might have a broader effect on finding information across the internet.

Most search activity on-line is geared towards filtering based on relevant content. But, addressing a service or commodity in this manner on-line might give users a stronger tool in locating information and products that are relevant to them.

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